No excuses for your children’s behavior¬†

I don’t care what problem you say your children have. They can and should know the fucking basics when you bring them of not pawing and grabbing through my things, especially my electronic things like iPads and iPhones. If they don’t follow the basic rules of courtesy don’t bring them because I don’t want them here and have to watch them…since you the parent won’t control them either. 


Fuck these shitty drivers!

What is with these shitty drvers??? They don’t see or simply don’t care about pedestrians, and have damn near run me down on several occasions just walking on the sidewalk  crossing a parking lot entrance/exit. 

Not as dangerous are the assholes who stop or park in crosswalks without the slightest notion they’re blocking pedestrians. I’ve yelled at these assholes numbers of times but with little effect.