Lawyers Trump Common Sense

Lawyers Trump Common Sense…yeah, nothing new there. But here’s a recent example at work.

Another engineer had spent a few months working on technical data and information for a legal case my agency is involved in. Last week the Chief called me in…the other guy was no longer involved and I needed to do the work. And by the way, his work could not be used by the attorneys though if I wanted to look at it I could. Oh, and don’t use emails to discuss the work…best just to talk person-to-person.

What The Eff?

Did the first guy really screw up or what? Chief didn’t want to say much. But reading between the lines, I figured out that the first engineer had prepared his work in a finalized package, a report that summarized his work. This apparently made his work and himself subject to subpoena or whatever the legal term is…he could be called to testify and all his work available to the plaintiffs. Whereas if an engineer new to the case–me–worked on it without making any work final or pretty, that person wouldn’t be discovered. The whole thing smells of attorney nonsense and distinct incompetence, but whatever. On we go, wasting time and money.


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